The Heights, Lupoli - Public Art and Placemaking Consulting

April 2019- present
Haverhill, MA
Lupoli Company


Incorporate creative thought and transformative aesthetics into the development and build-out of the Heights project and the associated parking garage. The Arts are important – both to the impact on the community and the bottom line. When it comes to community benefits, the Arts provide a unique opportunity to generate pride and project buy-in from both locals and officials, create a more beautiful and stimulating site, and establish Lupoli Companies as a leader in the sector. When it comes to business-fundamentals, the Arts offer prime opportunities for free advertising, improved lease-lock, and additional foot-traffic.

Golob Art provides overarching services for Lupoli Companies on the Heights project as a thought-partner and creator. This includes everything from assessing the site, working with relevant project participants and community members, and developing and implementing creative concepts for artworks, communal spaces, and way-finding.

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