September 2016
BU College of Engineering, Buzz Lab, 44 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA 02215
Acrylic paint on elevator doors
Buzz Lab, Boston University


Perspective tricks the eye, creating the illusion of physical space on a two dimensional surface. The art I created for these elevator doors playfully draw the eye back before sliding to the sides when the lift arrives.

The goal is to create an abstract geometric landscape. This imagery evokes a sense of progress and forward movement key to the ideas of the BUzz lab. By creating a larger area through the illusory quality of the mural, I also address the problem of expanding the small office space.

I have also incorporated the dynamic and angular stylistic choices of BUzz lab's branding. I have also borrowed from the oft seen arrow and beehive of BUzz Lab signage in a way that makes it subtle and not overwhelming.

Furthermore, I have taken the physical movement of the elevator into consideration. Due to the perspective lines, as the doors open, the viewer appears to be getting closer - emphasizing the sense of forward movement.

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