Coloring Book

August 2018
Linden Square, Wellesley, MA
Acrylic paint on aluminum-acrylic panels
60' x 10'
Federal Realty Investment Trust


While it’s not made of glass, the paneled mural Coloring Book does employ an almost translucent effect contributing to its stained glass appearance. I really wanted people to be able to see the brushstrokes and have the white of the panel kind of show through.

The 600 foot-long mural came about through a partnership with Federal Realty, which owns the property. Because the mural is so large, the unveiling was a special moment in that it allowed me to see my finished work come together at last -- I had never seen more than six panels together at any one point. So for me, it was really exciting when we were installing it because it was the first time that I was actually able to see it all together.

It’s kind of an abstracted view of a lot of iconic images and places in Wellesley, a lot of it also mixed with nature. So there’s the Town Hall, there’s the library in the center and then there’s kind of three prototypical buildings that you might find in Wellesley — old wood-frame houses as well as some of the early 20th century brick stuff that you might find along Central Street and Washington Street. And then in the foreground you see kind of the commuter rail and the T station, as well as some people having a picnic.

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