Cobalt, 40 Rugg Road - Creative Placemaking Consulting

Allston, MA
The Michael's Organization


Our studio collaborated with The Michael's Organization, architects, landscape architects, and several government and community stakeholders to research, develop, and execute a comprehensive master plan for public art and creative placemaking for the Cobalt development in Allston, Massachusetts.

Cobalt is a modern mixed-use development in a formerly light industrial area of Allston known, in both the past and present, for its alt-music and D.I.Y. scene. The project includes 265 rental units - with eight units reserved for artists - 3,000 square feet of ground floor retail and 2,500 square feet of ground floor arts space. For this arts space, our studio has provided critical expertise for site specifications, layout, programming, and determining the best management of the space. The execution of this plan also includes public artwork created by Golob Art along with additional sourcing from other artists and designers.

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