About Golob Art - Meet the Team!

We create art for community.

Golob Art has worked on community-led art projects since 2013, and, since 2017, it has worked in partnership with multiple communities in- and outside of Massachusetts. These partnerships have resulted in projects deeply involved in equity work. The pieces are created with extensive community engagement, from the technique and theme, to the designs.

Most recently, the studio completed a mural in Haverhill titled Miles to Go Before We Sleep. It was comprised of 46 brightly-painted panels, each with the image of a community member based off images submitted by their family members and friends, surrounded by an abstract iteration of the Haverhill skyline. This mural praises and shines a light on Haverhill’s varied immigrant and minority community members and families.

As is evident in these examples, Golob Art's mission is to continue to produce projects to address inequities in our communities.

About Alexander

President and Lead Artist

Alexander Golob was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to a bilingual, Italian and Jewish-American household. He then spent his teenage years in Wellesley, MA, after which he studied art in both Boston and Venice, Italy.

With his studio, Golob Art, it is Alexander’s mission to create engaging art that expands beyond the walls of a gallery to provoke thought in the public, lifts up viewers, and transforms physical space. Alexander Golob has experience engaging with communities, conducting research, and developing and implementing art and placemaking policy, strategy, and integration. His studio has worked with city governments on policy and implementation, nonprofits embarking upon art initiatives, and early-stage start-ups looking for guidance. Golob Art has opened a 2,500 sq. ft art show in Boston, has held an interactive snapchat art installation at the Peabody Essex Museum, and worked with the City of Methuen on a public art initiative.

Alexander loves everything about food. Learning its historical origins, making it, sharing it with others, and its power to build bridges among all people.


About Rachael

General Marketing and Business Development Associate

Rachael was born in Burlington, Vermont to an Argentine-American household, but was raised in primarily pan-Hispanic culture, not learning English until 7 years of age. Her family moved around a lot growing up, but has called Boston, Massachusetts her home since moving there 5 years ago to attend Wellesley College, where she got her BA in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences, with a concentration in the African Diaspora. Since graduating, Rachael has decided to become a designer, and has begun to travel down that path by learning the ins and outs of the design market, working with the marketing company Fusco and Four, helping run Boston Design Week. Now, Rachael is responsible for the creation and implementation of a proactive marketing strategy to grow Golob Art’s audience and establish its presence as a leader in the Arts for the region.

Rachael has been dancing since she was 2, and thus in her free time trains and competes in Latin American dancing with her dance and life partner of 4 years. In addition to dancing, she enjoys cooking, singing, crafting and designing of all types, and learning new languages.